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8 Pounds of Terramin Powder = 25 Month Supply!*

*When used as recommended 



i've been using clay remedies for @ 3 yrs. now & find the detox clay fantastic. i'm a welder so am exposed to lots of heavy metals in the air. When i use the terramin clay the energy level boost is noticeable in @ 2-3 days. i know when i don't suppliment with it i really begin to drag. 

- Jack

 I have been using products from Clay Remedies for about 2 years. I love their products, particularly the Terramin 2 in 1 Mega-Mineral Supplement& Internal Cleanser. I recently had a normal bone scan after years of showing osteopenia (I'm 48). The shipping is always fast and efficient. Their customer service is top-notch!


 I just wanted to pass on something that happened the other day... I got a little food poisoning… after hours of the sickness… I remembered that the clay is said to "Kill bacteria on contact" ... so I chugged a glass (gagging because of the poisoning) but within 5 minutes… the gurgling of my stomach quit... and amazingly… I was not sick any longer... Thank you for this product.

- Larry



TERRAMIN contains 57 micro, macro nutrients and trace mineral elements essential for proper health and detoxification.


  • Detoxifies
  • Colon Cleansing
  • Aids Digestion & Metabolism
  • Increases Energy and Stamina
  • Natural Healing Rich in Calcium and Trace Minerals
  • Longevity and Weight Control

Preserved beneath the surface of the earth since before man's presence. This substance is absolutely free of toxins and man-made chemicals.

Terramin contains 57 micro, macro, and trace minerals that are needed to support metabolic functions. These positively charged colloids are sandwiched inside tiny negatively charged platelets, so they are plentiful and bio-available in a buffered form. They are freely available as your body needs them.

The FDA only considers 17 minerals to be "essential" One of these minerals is silica, an amazing and vital mineral that many people simply don't get enough of. Silica strengthens your hair, teeth, bones and all your connective tissue. Without enough silica, your skin ages prematurely. Most people still don't get enough of it from their diet.

While these extremely fine particles are in your body, they simultaneously act to detoxify and absorb heavy metals. As a powerful antibacterial agent, this compound will help keep your body clean and strong.

Terramin is more than a supplement; it is a body enrichment system. You can't get this kind of value in a single supplement of any other kind.

Extensive research with Terramin, conducted by the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center and a number of other leading science and research institutions, has produced an extensive list of benefits of this clay.

  • Energizes with ionic activity
  • Defends against internal toxins
  • Naturally detoxifies and cleanses your colon
  • Full-spectrum source of trace minerals
  • Increases bio-availability / assimilation of calcium
  • High pH compound helps to moderate acids in the body
  • Helps manage mineral assimilation with silica buffer

Learn More! Click Here to open The Terramin Product Guide in PDF Format.

*ALSO AVAILABLE IN 20lb BULK SIZE = Over 5 years of supply (when used as recommended)