The_Healing_Power_of_Clay by Mchel Abehsera
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The Healing Power Of Clay
Author: Michel Abehsera
Pub Date: Nov-2001
Imprint : Citadel
Format : Trade Paperback
Pages : 176

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Discover A Natural Source Of Health And Beauty; Clay, it is one of the Earth’s most basic substances.
Loaded with minerals and nutrients, it has long been used by traditional healers to treat a wide range of ailments.
Today, clay’s curative and restorative powers are being hailed by naturopaths and health authorities around the world as a readily available alternative to pharmaceuticals, as well as a replacement for expensive and artificial cosmetics.
Now you can achieve good health and radiant looks with The Healing Power Of Clay.
Author Michel Abehsera shows you how to use clay to effectively treat a range of maladies.
Including headaches, allergies, arthritis, cuts, bruises and burns, acne, and anemia.
You’ll also find ways to make clay a basic part of your daily beauty regimen—as a deep-cleansing mask, shampoo, toothpaste, and soap.

Throughout The Healing Power Of Clay, there are simple directions for obtaining, preparing, and using clay at very modest cost, making this complete guide a valuable resource for every home. Once you discover clay’s amazing benefits, you’ll want to replace many of the items in your medicine cabinet and makeup drawer with pure products made from this plentiful, natural form of living earth.
Michel Abehsera has written several books on healthful living, including Zen Macrobiotic Cooking.
He continues to tour North America and Canada, speaking on health, macrobiotics, and spirituality.

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